Secure, Reliable Cloud Communications

Let Us Help You Safeguard Your Mission-critical Communications

We enlist the latest technology, the most experienced staff and adhere to the strictest standards to ensure our customer’s security, availability and compliance requirements are always met.

Security is our top priority. That’s why we designed and built a 100 percent cloud-based unified communications solution, CloudOffice Suite. Unlike other systems, CloudOffice Suite secures everything in the cloud and utilizing our only United States based Tier IV datacenters, instead of on premise or public cloud’s where personal and corporate information are more susceptible to loss.

With CloudOffice Suite, calls using the internet are encrypted from the handset into our secure network keeping them protected and confidential. Voicemail messages and recordings are also encrypted when stored on our servers and the administrator of the system can control who is permitted to forward voicemail, further safeguarding private information.

CloudOffice Suite also offers the option to enhance security if you prefer to use a private and secure connection to our network for the transport of your voice calls through our advanced MPLS service.

Secure Your Communications

Communication Security

Calls, messages and meetings using the internet are encrypted into our secure network. Or, when you’re using our MPLS service, privacy is maintained within the most widely accepted private network protocols available for any type of traffic.

On-site Security

Unlike other solutions, no information or data is stored on local servers or our phones on-site where they can be vulnerable to security threats. Everything with CloudOffice Suite is stored exclusively in the cloud to ensure the highest level of security.

Database Security

Our database is stored on secure servers in our cloud infrastructure protected by industry-standard firewalls, access controls lists, authentication and authorization.

Secure Your Communications

Pay only one price for any contact center services role!

Unlike other providers, and regardless of which package is needed, we never require costly administrator seats, as all seats are provided at the same cost.


VoIP Crunch has made a tremendous investment in the infrastructure and engineering delivering our services. Both the network itself and core service platforms offer customers 99.999% reliability*, meaning that both are available for almost every second of every day. With multiple data centers and co-locations, we maintain vital business connections between customers and employees by employing state of the art technology, monitoring systems, and processes.

Business Continuity

VoIP Crunch’s unified communication solution is the only solution on the market that is secured 100 percent in the cloud, ensuring the ability to access and manage every aspect of the system from anywhere. Our easy-to-use and secure online portal, CloudOffice Suite ensures you can administer the entire system through any internet-connected device from anywhere in the world. Re-route calls, change greetings, check voicemail and more to ensure business continuity no matter what takes place.

Co-location Redundancy

VoIP Crunch has engineered and deployed redundant network elements and core network services to prevent outages. Our servers and equipment have clones that are ready to act as the primary device should a failure occur. We maintain redundant connections for core network transport services, such as to the internet and networks used for voice and data communications. We size redundant connections so they can act as primary connections, not just as alternate paths.

Co-location Diversity

VoIP Crunch maintains connections with multiple providers, so if one experiences an issue or fails, we have an alternate path for your traffic. We also engineer physical diversity within our facilities. The external connections into our network, even power, are delivered from different areas of the facilities that make up our network. Connections travel multiple internal, and often external, paths to further ensure service and network availability.

Geographic Diversity

VoIP Crunch maintains co-locations, data centers, and points of presence in more than ten states to further ensure availability and improve quality. When possible, we host service equipment close to your business to improve reliability and quality and to ensure that events in other areas of the country do not affect your business communications.

Meet Compliance Requirements

Protect Private Health Information.

VoIP Crunch, as a service provider or Business Associate (BA), is able to provide services that can help customers who are Covered Entities demonstrate HIPAA compliance. Our unified communications solution is designed to enable strong security controls which provide encryption on your calls, recordings and messages, protecting patient data and preventing unauthorized access to private health information.

Know Your Information is Protected.

VoIP Crunch complies with all FCC requirements and regulations for protecting Consumer Proprietary Network Information.