The Ultimate Telemarketing Tool

VoIP Crunch’s Dialer is an enterprise-grade omni-channel contact center system designed and built for businesses of all sizes.

Featuring inbound, outbound (predictive + preview) and blended dialing,  webRTC, REST APIs,  real-time dashboard, reports, analytics and a lot more.

Dialer Features.

If you are looking for a dialer support for your call center or business then you have various options available in the market. The deciding factor is how effectively they fulfill your needs. Dialers are used to expedite the process of customer support efficiently because accessing your customers intelligently gives more productive results.

Dialer uses the customer related data such as contacts, call logs and calls history. It automatically dials a bulk of contact numbers and a data related to the call details is generated immediately. This information is further used by the call centers to maintain a good customer relationship.

Various customization options that come along with Dialer makes it versatile in usage. Depending on the scale of business such as medium, large or small, Dialer gives varied options that exactly suit the needs of your business. With the help of customization option, the user can pick all those features and program the dialer according to the needs of the business.

Dialer is affordable and offers different types based on features. So look for the features that you want to use and just pay for the same. There is no point in paying for a feature that you think is not necessary to you business. A dialer is a necessity for your business but spending a big sum of money behind it, is not. VoIP Crunch Dialer takes care of it.

VoIP Crunch Dialer gives meaningful reports related to the agents and their performance. Campaigns can be created and further calibrated for better results. These reports help the call center managers as well as the agents.An agent can easily make the conversation with the customer productive and the manager can check the productivity level of the call center and deploy his agents accordingly.

Your data is secure with Dialer. Our cloud systems that hold confidential customer data are well protected from any security breach. The Dialer support team works tirelessly to secure data and keeps track of any unintended activity.

VoIP Crunch Dialer is a complete solution for the contemporary needs of a call center environment. It is a mix of progressive features that help to make the environment efficient and more customer centric. Dialer provides a competitive edge in your business.

  • Dedicated Direct Calling User Extensions
  • Personal Voicemail & Team VoiceMail
  • Outbound Calls – Manual, Preview, Auto and Predictive
  • Inbound calls – Automated Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Blended calls (Inbound, Outbound)
  • Scheduled callbacks (Manual & Auto)
  • 3-way Conference and Call Transfers
  • Interactive voice response (IVR) with Campaign/Queue
  • Broadcast and Survey Dialing
  • Multi-Lead List per Campaign
  • Agents Allocated Simultaneously Multiple Campaigns
  • Campaign Defined Scripts
  • Custom Caller ID – Campaign Specific
  • Custom Call Statuses and Call Dispositions
  • Dynamic Area Code Caller ID
  • Hotkeys for quick hangup and call dispositions
  • Filter Leads (Dynamically Exclude Numbers from Lists)
  • US, UK and Australia telemarketing compliance
  • Drop timer with safe-harbor message for FTC compliance
  • Available Full Call Recordings or on-demand
  • Upload and download of customer lists
  • Leads Filtering
  • Leads Recycle
  • Internal DNC and Blacklist
  • Leads Timezone Restrictions
  • Real-time Dashboard
  • Listen-in, Barge-in & Whisper
  • Force Log-out
  • Reports and Analytics
  • Multi-Group, Multi-Campaign Assignments
  • Skill-Rating based Agent priority routing
  • Support Remote and Mobile Workers