Integrated Unified Communications and Enterprise VoIP Solutions

Take your business to new heights.

Our enterprise-grade unified communications solution, CloudOffice Suite combines the most advanced telephony features, mobile and business intelligence tools, chat, presence, fax and HD video, audio and web conferencing to empower your organization with the tools to meet today’s challenges.

With a more distributed workforce and increased customer demands, having a secure, mobile, scalable and user-friendly enterprise VoIP solution is a must for every enterprise business.




Enterprise-grade Security

Your calls, messages and meetings are encrypted in transport and stored exclusively on secure servers within our cloud infrastructure, ensuring that nothing is stored on-site where it could be vulnerable to threats.

A Scalable System that Adapts to Your Needs

Grow as big as you want and pay for only what you need. Gain the flexibility to add and remove locations, features, services, users and equipment at anytime with ease.

Multi-location Billing

Experience hassle-free and efficient billing no matter how many locations you have. Track expenses effectively with detailed billing invoices for each location, yet allow your headquarters to take care of the payments.

True Mobile Communications

With the latest mobile features included, business takes place everywhere you need it to. Whether working remotely, at a different site or on-the-road, all calls, faxes, chats and meetings can take place from anywhere, on any device.

Reduced IT Dependency with Centralized Management

Eliminate the need for IT staff at every location and reduce help desk workloads with the ability to control every feature, service and employee from anywhere through one intuitive portal.

Layered Controls for Efficient Management

Utilize customizable administrative tiers to grant branch-level and department administrators with controls over key capabilities. Create unlimited user profiles for easy feature assignments organization-wide.

So Easy it Saves You Time and Money

Allow your technical staff to get back to advancing your business. With our system, changes are easy for everyone in your organization and never require the help of your IT department.

Unified Features for Flexible Communications

Features of the system work across all sites to ensure employees work efficiently from anywhere. Staff can share workspaces and log in at any location for full access to their individual contacts, messages and settings.

Dedicated Enterprise Support

Our industry-leading enterprise support team serves as a single point of contact, providing your business with personalized hands-on service for any and all of your account needs.

Gain New Business Intelligence

Gain insight like never before with built-in intelligence tools that track critical call metrics so you can better monitor and evaluate performance to improve customer service and sales.

Reduce Downtime and Ensure Business Continuity

Eliminate costly downtime during disasters and ensure your business remains operational with calls, faxes, meetings and system changes that take place from any device, anywhere.