Online Fax
Faxing for the Digital Age

Fax Online: Secure, Mobile, and Cloud-Based

Online fax from VoIP Crunch offers your customers a more secure, mobile and cost-effective way to send documents online. An online faxing service simplifies the process, enabling faxes to be sent electronically to and from any device you choose.

Why Should I Send Fax Online?

Features and Benefits

  • Works from anywhere and any device needed

  • Fax virtually any type of document, including: Microsoft Office, Lotus, SmartSuite, Corel, HTML, PDF and more

  • Keeps business’ sensitive information secure and helps maintain regulatory compliance

  • Adapter Modules available to convert your existing fax machines to Online Fax.

  • Streamlines paper‐intensive processes and get time‐sensitive documents where the need to be quickly and easily

  • Saves by eliminating your fax machine, paper and maintenance fees

  • Scales on demand by adding fax usage and accounts at anytime

Fax online capabilities from VoIP Crunch allow your team to send fax virtually from their desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. Your data will be securely stored in the cloud, even when employees are sending faxes remotely.

Fax is alive and well thanks to our intuitive approach to file sharing in the digital age, and now you can share our advanced capabilities with your client base.

Sign up for our wholesale program to offer features that you simply can’t get with generic free online fax services. For instance, users can’t afford to take security risks when sending sensitive documents—our reputable security designations and advanced encryption eliminate that concern entirely. You also need to be able to fax online from any device as part of your overall unified communications infrastructure, and our benefits include desktop, mobile, and laptop capabilities.

If you need to keep a previous number, you are welcome to do so, and you can selected new local or toll free numbers as well. Lastly, our large file sharing and electronic signature solutions will combine to make your life easier.

Let us know if you have any questions! We’d love to hear from you.