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Included Features

Office Phone Systems for the Future: CloudOffice Suite

Unify locations and employees by ensuring your critical communications are secure and that every employee can access and control all of the productivity-enhancing features of the system no matter where they work from.

You’re more flexible and secure in the cloud

Unlike other office phone systems, CloudOffice Suite utilizes a 100% cloud design, enabling intuitive, anytime access to all of the system’s features.


Real‐time Presence

Instantly see who in your organization is available for a quick call or meeting with real‐time presence.

Company‐wide Chat

Chat with anyone in your organization from any office location or device with individual and group chat functionality.

Smart Follow-Me

Get business calls on your office phone and cell phone simultaneously so you never miss a call.

Voicemail to Email

Never miss an important message again. Your voicemail messages get delivered straight to your email address.

Auto Attendants

Use unlimited auto attendants to ensure every call is answered. Reduce calls for hours and directions with pre-recorded greetings.

CloudOffice Suite Fax

Eliminate your fax machine and send and receive faxes securely online from any device, even your smartphone.

Hot Desking

Share workspaces and use any phone at any site as your own with your extension, contacts and settings intact.

Call History

Improve customer service, sales and operations with built-in call history insights and customizable reporting.

Advanced Voicemail

Check voicemail from anywhere online via email or through the CloudOffice Suite user portal.

Music on hold

Project a professional image, advertise and keep callers entertained with music and on-hold greetings.

Call Forwarding

Forward business calls to your cell, voicemail or any other phone number to ensure constant connectivity.


Announce appointment arrivals and communicate instantly with colleagues in any location with the click of a button.


Use your toll-free service to help customers connect with you no matter where they are located.

10-way calling

Host conference calls with up to 10 different callers at one time.

Multi-Site Support

Allow devices to register to the CloudOffice Suite from anywhere. Including company headquarters, satellite offices, and home offices, on the road, domestic, or abroad.

Optional Features

CloudOffice Suite offers a variety of optional features to make your team even more productive.

View all of our optional features.

Powerful Integrations

CloudOffice Suite offers complete integration with the most widely-used applications, such as: Salesforce, Microsoft Office 365, Outlook, Google, Teams and more!

Learn how integrating your critical communications can benefit your business!

Contact Center Services

Any size business can improve customer interactions and enjoy the features and benefits of a enterprise-level call center without the cost.


  • Inbound call recording for all of your call center agents

  • Integrated skills‐based routing, conditional routing and escape menus

  • Insights into employee performance through real‐time dashboards and advanced evaluation and monitoring tools

  • Agent‐level and service‐level reports broken down by call volume on an hourly, daily, and per queue basis offering key statistics, such as: Abandoned Calls, Average Speed of Answer, Time per Agent, and Service Level


  • Improve communications and efficiency by ensuring all incoming calls are answered promptly and routed to the correct person every time

  • Project a professional company Image without the expense of on-site equipment, software, maintenance costs or IT support

  • Scale up or down in response to changes in call volume

  • Tweak and test the call routing designs to optimize the customer experience

  • Continue operations in disasters and emergencies by ensuring calls are answered even when employees are unable to make it in to the office

CloudOffice Suite with CrunchNet SD-WAN

The simplicity, security and functionality of our ClouldOffice UCaaS solution with the superior performance, reliability and flexibility of the CrunchNet SD-WAN networking solution.


  • Application visibility and control: Manages and deploys routing policies with an easy-to-use, centralized management tool

  • Dynamic WAN selection: Preserves application performance based on pre-set guidelines

  • Application optimization: Monitors and improves network paths to ensure peak performance
  • Dynamic IPsec deployment: Enables end-to-end encryption for secure data transmission over public networks

  • Security and stateful firewall: Deploys and manages security policies with an integrated firewall

  • Managed service: Offers continuous, proactive monitoring and optimization from your CrunchNet SD-WAN Concierge

  • Flexible connectivity: Connects disparate locations with any access

  • Dual active links: Increases resiliency with redundant and diverse connections at each site

  • Encryption: Reduces security risks by encrypting network connections, regardless of connection type


  • Ensures mission-critical services like calling and video conferencing receive higher priority and are routed to the clearest network path for optimal quality

  • Helps avoid disasters when calls take place from any device and the multiple Internet connections you use remain active, even if one fails

  • Allows businesses with a single location to gain the ability to increase bandwidth usage, avoid disasters and prioritize business communications

  • Enables businesses with more than one location to secure the connections between all your sites and view and control your performance from a single dashboard

  • Delivers up to 100% SLAs for SD-WAN connectivity, ensuring your business remains up and running

  • Optimizes network connections and application reliability, providing more bandwidth and better performance over any connection type

  • Increases business agility and scalability

CloudOffice Suite Fax

Simplify faxing! Send fax online to and from any device, anywhere, online, utilizing any email client.

Features and Benefits:

  • Work from anywhere and any device you need to

  • Fax virtually any type of document, including: Lotus, SmartSuite, Corel, HTML, PDF, Visio and more

  • Keep your business’ sensitive information secure and maintain regulatory compliance

  • Streamline paper‐intensive processes and get time‐sensitive documents where the need to be quickly and easily

  • Save by eliminating your fax machine, paper and maintenance fees

  • Scale on demand by adding fax usage and accounts at anytime

  • Re‐use existing numbers or select new local or toll free numbers—the choice is yours


Turn any PC, MAC or mobile phone into your business phone!

  • Make and receive calls using your business phone number and extension from any iPhone®, iPad®, Androids™, smartphone or tablet

  • Use CloudOffice Suite calling plan minutes, rather than expensive cell phone plan minutes

  • VoIP Crunch’s office phone systems ensure business continuity by enabling communication from anywhere

  • Reduce costs and simplify International calls made on mobile devices

CloudOffice Suite Call Recording

Satisfy regulatory compliance, maintain quality control and evaluate employee performance by recording inbound and outbound calls of your choice with our user‐friendly, cloud‐based call recording solution.


  • Easily record inbound and outbound calls by pre‐selecting which phone numbers in your company you’d like to designate as “recording eligible”

  • Centralize call recording for multiple offices and locations

  • Recordings are stored securely in the cloud so you can search, listen, evaluate and download recordings anytime

  • Recording library ‐1 G (approximately 35 hours) included

  • Recordings are stored up to 30 days for free

  • Create customer evaluation reports and forms for employee evaluation


  • Satisfy regulatory compliance requirements

  • Protect your business and your employees by reducing liabilities

  • Leverage recorded phone calls to improve business processes

  • Maintain quality control and uniformity among employees

  • Archive recordings for transaction validation

  • Improve employee training

  • Evaluate employee performance

  • Develop best practices for common customer inquiries