Quality Digital voice Calls with CloudOffice Suite

Your VoIP Crunch CloudOffice Suite business phone service is designed to provide you with superior call quality and reliability. As a result, you should never hear any delays, echoes or experience any dropped calls.

The two most common reasons for voice quality issues are insufficient Internet bandwidth and voice and data traffic patterns competing for bandwidth from your router to the internet. If your local network, internet connection or router is to blame, we are here to help!

Insufficient Internet bandwidth

If your Internet connection does not have enough bandwidth to support all of your data traffic and concurrent calls, your voice quality can suffer. Fortunately, you can check your available internet bandwidth level instantly through our Connectivity Test. The Connectivity Test measures four critical areas that affect performance: Download Speed, Upload Speed, Latency and Jitter.

Download Speed

Determines if your Internet download speed will support a high quality VoIP (Voice over IP) conversation. Insufficient download speed may impact your inbound traffic, including the ability to hear callers.

Upload Speed

Determines if your Internet upload speed will support a high quality VoIP conversation. Insufficient download speed may impact your outbound traffic, including the ability for callers to hear you.


A Quality of Service measurement that measures fluctuation in your Internet speed. A higher percentage is desirable.


Measures the constant flow of data. A low jitter value shows a more consistent flow.

You will be responsible for monthly service and usage charges until the phones are returned. Customer is responsible for shipping, handling and installation charges.

*See details in your proposal for more information.